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The Contractor-First Umbrella Company

Contracting has many perks from an overall better lifestyle and potentially higher take-home pay to the freedom to make your own decisions. It also has necessary downsides such as paperwork, administration, and legislation and managing these things is often stressful for contractors.

At Choice, we make contracting easy. Our first-class options mean we remove most of those worries. We minimise your administration, reduce paperwork, and help you to stay on top of the latest legislative changes. What's more, we are here to help support your lifestyle as a contractor. Our lifestyle rewards mean your money goes further, meaning you can benefit from up to 50% off at 1000's restaurants UK-wide, massive discounts on high street brands, and luxury airport access.

With Choice, you no longer have to worry about compliance. Unlike many other companies offering offshore structures, we only offer a secure, compliant package meaning you can enjoy your hassle-free contracting lifestyle.

The Safe Way To Do Business

There are hundreds of thousands of contractors moving from limited companies to an umbrella company. This is mainly due to recent changes in legislation and because of the additional protections an umbrella offers both the contractor and agency.

A good umbrella offers contractors hassle-free working, and its agency partners hassle-free contractors. They sit between the two ensuring a relationship that is seamless and worry-free. A reputable umbrella understands the importance of building long-term partnerships that benefit both the agency and contractor alike.

We understand how complex it can be to manage contractors given the various industries, countries, and legislation. Select have invested both time and money in delivering a robust range of options that cater for both parties needs; ensuring maximum compliance with a first-class level of service.

Payroll Management

Everything to do with payroll is taken care of. As an agency, you still get all your fees whilst we take care of payroll. We manage all the PAYE deductions and NI, leaving you to concentrate on recruiting. We also guarantee same-day payments, so as soon as we get the money, so do the contractors.

Free Back-Office Agency Support

As an agency, you don't need the headache of dealing with day-to-day contractor issues; not when we're here to do that for you helping your contractors to navigate employment issues, taxation, payroll, and expenses. You can lean on our back-office support to ensure a smooth contractor relationship.

Dedicated Management Consultant

Each agency and contractor is assigned a Management Consultant. Their role is to understand both agency and contractor requirements to ensure a smooth partnership for all. Should you have any questions or need assistance along the way: your Management Consultant is your one-stop personal assistant.

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Main Areas of Compliance


Any contractor who has been regularly contracting recently knows the dreaded words “IR35”. Understanding the impact of IR35 is important for an Umbrella company. As it has ramifications not just for the contractor for the Umbrella and Agency.

Agency Worker Regulations (AWR)

The AWR was brought in to effect the 1st October 2011, with the intention of giving contractor the exact same work and employment conditions if they were working for the direct client (rather than through an agency). The most important part of the legislation states "If you are an 'agency worker' you have a right after 12 weeks service with a client to equal pay and equal working hours, rest breaks and holiday provisions, and the right to paid time off for ante-natal appointments, that a 'comparable' permanent employee of your client receives (full details in Appendix 2"

Offshore Employment Intermediaries Legislation

HMRC have started to investigate various scheme that attempt to avoid tax using offshore intermediaries. We purposefully work to ensure we do not or will ever engage with Offshore Employment Intermediaries.

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