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Some Points To Consider...

Additional Administrative Work

A limited company solution involves a little more paperwork management than an Umbrella.

You are responsible for the company and even with the most comprehensive options, you will need to complete a small amount of administrative work.

It will be your responsibility to transfer your tax and national insurance payments to HMRC within their deadlines.

Cash Flow

An umbrella company deducts all liabilities, which means that the money you are paid is yours.

A limited company requires consideration in that you are responsible for paying tax to HMRC; this is calculated using your yearly income and expenses.

It is advisable to put aside an amount each month to account for tax as you will pay annually as a part of your self assessment return.

IR35 Status

There is no watertight answer to the question "am I IR35 compliant?".

Under IR35, if a contractor is 'part and parcel' of their end client's business, their income from such involvement is taxable as if they are an employed under PAYE. There is no IR35-safe contract as HMRC can look into the substance of the role, not just what is written down in the contract.

For more information about IR35 visit the Gov website.

We strongly advise all contractors to seek legal advice on their position and have their contract reviewed by a professional in employment law.

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Monthly Pricing Plans

A limited company solution involves a little more paperwork management than an Umbrella.

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Access funds high-rate levels of take-home pay from the contract.
Helps you legally take home significantly more.
Suitable for those requiring company Director status.
Offset legitimate business expenses.
Free Indemnity & Public Liability Insurances.
Completion of your tax return ahead of time.
Flexible – works in and out of contract.
Use your own Limited Company or a new one.
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